Salla Lehtipuu

Do you need a visual translator?

I can help You or your company to get your message through, with the help of drawing! Through visualization you can sum things up in a fun and efficient way! Could doodling be helpful in your work? Does your seminar or workshop need sketchnotes? Do you need visual, easily spread content for social media? Or are you maybe looking for illustrations or visual modeling?

I can help you! Below you can see how.

Salla Lehtipuu

Visual thinker



Sketchnote videos

A hand drawn time lapse video is a fun way to spread your message in an even or throughout the web!


Sketchnotes and Graphic facilitation

Bring the fun into your seminars, meetings or workshosp inย  the form of sketchnotes and graphic recording.


Learn the basics of graphic facilitation and become a visual thinker!



I do illustrations with markers or mixed techniques.

What are the benefits of visual thinking?

It helps all kind of learners

It makes the common goals easier to understand

It helps memorizing and retelling


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Salla Lehtipuu

Salla Lehtipuu

Graphic facilitator